Bauhinia galpinii

Common Name Red Orchid Bush
Type of Plant Shrub

This species goes by many names; each of which impart an interesting historical detail and ground it in cultural significance. Its Latin name is derived from South African botanist, Ernst Eduard Galpin. Native to South Africa, it is also called Pride of De Kaap and is featured in botanical gardens throughout the Mpumalanga Province. Its name is Afrikaans translates to "flame of the plains"- in reference to the brick red flowers that cover this shrub, while locals call it "camel foot" due to its bilobed leaf shape. However you refer to it, B. galpinii is a vivid and memorable shrub in any landscape and is now cultivated globally.

Requirements Averaging 10 feet high in most situations, this shrub prefers full sun and well drained soils. It is known to attract pollinator insects, birds and butterflies due to its numerous, colorful flowers!
Country of Origin Southern Africa
Cold Tolerance 25
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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