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Our Plants

Species Selection

D’Asign Source Botanicals has selected the most salt, wind & drought tolerant species of plants based on over 50 years of experience growing and landscaping in coastal areas throughout the US and Caribbean. Most of our seeds have been collected in the Florida Keys, one of the harshest growing environments in the world. The mother plants have been through salt spray on a regular basis, along with hurricanes and even inundated with salt water and survived. These plants are superior to the same species that have not been exposed to similar coastal conditions.

We have developed soils that allow our coastal plants to flourish and be better prepared to deal with extreme coastal conditions. First, we start with a soil mix that relies heavily on coconut coir, a byproduct of the coconut food industry. Coir is a superior growing medium that is more environmentally friendly than standard peat. Additional ingredients include slow-release fertilizers and salt eating microbes. These salt eating microbes grow in the soil and follow the plant wherever it grows.

Even our containers have been adapted to produce a heartier plant. On many species we use tall (deeper) containers that produce healthier plants. The tall container allows for a deeper root ball which in turn allows the plant to tap into more ground water thus improving drought tolerance. The deeper root balls also add stability when planted and for the life of the plant.

These elements combined grow superior plants, even when compared to seemingly similar plants from other nurseries. The quality shows when you buy them, plant them and enjoy them for the years to come.


So often these days, people do not want to wait for their landscaping to grow and mature. They want the instant gratification of a mature landscape. With that in mind, one of our main goals is to provide large specimen palms, cycads, and other plants that are difficult to find elsewhere. These plants are all grown in containers so there is no transplant shock when installed into a landscape.

Since we grow over 250 species of palms alone, we are constantly striving to make available a large selection of specimens to give the customer many options when it comes to planning their landscape. Our knowledgeable staff can help locate and select the proper plants to suit any landscape need.

For more information on any specimen please email us or call 561.333.6889.

Beccariophoenix madagascariensis - Manarano Palm


Only about 70 million years old, palms are mere infants compared to cycads. Palms are monocots related to grasses, bamboo, orchids, bromeliads and the like. There are currently about 2,500 known species of palms with new varietals being discovered still today. Besides being extremely ornamental, they are among the most economically important plants in the world—providing food, shelter, and many useful items for daily use to millions of people around the world. Palms are an extremely diverse family of plants that range from the diminutive to the gargantuan with one suitable for virtually any ornamental use in the landscape or indoors.

At D’Asign Source Botanicals, we grow about 300 species of palms.


Although often confused with palms because of their appearance, cycads are more closely related to pine trees. These are among the first seed bearing plants on Earth, dating back 130 million years. Today, most cycads are heavily endangered due to their small habitats and encroachment by man. There are approximately 200 species of these plants left scattered around the globe in tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate areas. 

At D’Asign Source Botanicals, we’re excited to grow and offer about 70 species of cycads. 

Dioon mejiae
Guaiacum sanctum - Lignum Vitae Flower Detail


This broad category is for all the other plants that we grow. We will undoubtedly break this category up at a later date as we define this palette of plants more. Currently we grow a number of agaves, aroids, bamboo, begonias, bromeliads, cactus, cordylines, ferns, Florida natives, flowering shrubs, gingers, ground covers, heliconias, succulents, trees, and others.

At D’Asign Source Botanicals, we are growing over 225 varieties of tropicals.