Zombia antillarum

Zombia antillarum - Zombi Palm - Trunk Detail
Common Name Zombie Palm
Type of Plant Palm

An incredibly unique palm, the Zombi is clumping and palmate, with a trunk adorned with needle-like spines. These trunks remain slender and are said to be the source of voodoo needles throughout Hispaniola, historically. Its bright white fruits were historically pressed for juice and oil, for medicinal and ceremonial purposes as well. It will likely reach a height no greater than 15-18 feet overall and is a one of a kind statement in any tropical landscape.

Requirements Zombia antillarum grows best in alkaline to slightly acidic soils and has a slow growth rate. It can tolerate cold snaps down to the high 20s and has some salt tolerance.
Country of Origin Hispaniola
Cold Tolerance 28
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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