Vershaffeltia splendida

Common Name Seychelles Stilt Palm
Type of Plant Palm

Easily identifiable via several features, the Seychelles Stilt Palm grows to an average of 15-20 feet in the South Florida region. This plant is known for its slender trunk, stilt root system, needle-like spines along the trunk and petioles, and large, undivided leaves. It is an understory plant in habitat and can grow up to 40 feet under optimal conditions. It is happiest in Cold Hardiness Zone 10b.

Requirements Prefers evenly watered, moist and well drained soils. Happy in full sun as it matures but is shaded where it grows native. As an understory tree, its leaves are susceptible to splitting from intense winds and so should be protected to prevent tattering.
Country of Origin Seychelles
Cold Tolerance 30
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Medium
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