Veitchia montgomeryana

Common Name Montgomery Palm
Type of Plant Palm

Veitchia montgomeryana is a fast growing palm from Vanuatu, where it reaches heights of 30-40' OA! In cultivation it will likely reach approximately 25feet and is happiest in a tropical climate. Its classification was recently changed and it was combined with the species Veitchia mcdanielsii. They are now both known as Veitchia arecina! This palm's crownshaft is covered in fuzzy, black scales much like a Foxtail Palm.

Requirements Happiest in full to partial sun, this palm likes consistently moist and well drained soil. It can handle cold snaps to the mid twenties but is a firm Zone 10b-11 inhabitant.
Country of Origin Vanuatu
Cold Tolerance 27
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Medium
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