Syagrus schizophylla

Syagrus schizophylla - Arikury Palm
Common Name Arikury Palm
Type of Plant Palm

Also called the Parrot palm, this unique species is a solitary, feather-leafed palm with a trunk to 5 inches thick. Its trunk is covered with toothed, vertical, elongated leaf scars that give it a rugged, tropical look. Its maximum height is typically no more than 15 feet overall and it is a popular choice for coastal landscapes. It can be grown in containers on a patio in the right conditions as well!

Requirements Preferring alkaline to slightly acidic, well-drained soils this palm will thrive in a coastal environment. It has a slow to moderate growth rate and tolerates cold dips to the high 20s. This palm wants full sun and is drought tolerant as well!
Country of Origin Brazil
Cold Tolerance 28
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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