Sabal mauritiiformis

Common Name Savannah Palm
Type of Plant Palm

The fastest growing of the Sabal palms, mauritiiformis boasts large, divided, circular leaves. Its green leaves reveal a silver underside, and its trunk is adorned with a rugged boot where a leaf scar would otherwise be. This sturdy and ornate trunk makes it a popular choice anywhere there is sufficient space! With a height to 50 feet at full maturity and a spread of 10-12 feet, it is easily a statement piece that can adapt to partial shade or full sun.

Requirements Sabal mauritiiformis has a temperature tolerance down to 25 degrees F for short periods of time and is happiest in zones 9b-11. It thrives with consistently moist soil and is happy with a variety of light sources.
Country of Origin Mexico
Cold Tolerance 25
Sun Needs Full Sun
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