Pseudophoenix sargentii

Pseudophoenix sargentii - Buccaneer Palm
Common Name Buccaneer Palm
Type of Plant Palm

This unique palm is a solitary, feather-leafed, crownshaft palm. It typically reaches heights up to 25 feet with a 7-9 foot spread and is prized for its striking silver hue throughout the trunk, branches and leaflets. Its inflorescences attract pollinators and it is also hurricane resistant with a sturdy trunk, adorned with smooth leaf scars as it matures. This species is also native to South Florida!

Requirements The buccaneer palm prefers alkaline to neutral well drained soils. It has a slow growth rate and can handle brief cold dips to the high 20s. It has excellent salt tolerance and thrives in full sun.
Country of Origin Florida and Caribbean
Cold Tolerance 28
Sun Needs Full Sun
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