Pritchardia thurstonii

Pritchardia thurstonii - Thurston Palm
Common Name Thurston Palm
Type of Plant Palm

Name for the former Governor of Fiji, John Bates Thurston, this is a relative of the Fiji Fan Palm and native to the same islands. It is solitary with large, palmate and rigidly ribbed leaves. Its relatively slender trunk draws the focus upward to pronounced inflorescences which give a look of ornaments hanging past its leaves. This is the main difference visually between it and its "cousin", Pritchardia pacifica.

Requirements P. thurstonii grows well in acidic and alkaline well-drained soils, with a medium growth rate. It can tolerate brief cold dips to freezing and has good salt tolerance.
Country of Origin Fiji
Cold Tolerance 32
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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