Pelagodoxa henryana

Common Name Marquesas Palm, Yahanna Palm
Type of Plant Palm

With a limited population outside of cultivated species, the Pelagodoxa henryana has been on the verge of extinction for a number of years. It is a striking understory plant with large, undivided leaves that flourish in partial shade. Current populations of this palm exist in Vanuatu, Fiji Islands and Marquesas (the latter considered its country of origin), as a result of human introduction. It typically grows to a maximum height of 20' OA with a fibrous trunk.

Requirements This palm prefers a moist, humid environment and protection from the wind to prevent tattering. It will adapt to a position in full sun but will ultimately have less trunk as a mature tree.
Country of Origin Marquesas
Cold Tolerance 30 degrees+
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Little
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