Licuala spinosa

Common Name Mangrove Fan Palm
Type of Plant Palm

This divided species of licuala is clumping, which is atypical of this genus. Each section of leaf has wedge shaped leaf tips and deeply ribbed segments, lending some beautiful texture to the bright green of this species. They typically do not exceed 12-15feet in heigh and have a significant spread as a clumping palm. In habitat, these palms are harvested young for use in food preservation and preparation, as they are actually fireproof to a degree!

Requirements As an understory palm, these should be given a position in shade or indirect/partial sun. They will flourish if provided with well drained and consistently moist soil which may be sandy in composition. These have a moderate to good salt tolerance but thrive in humid and tropical environments and therefore should be protected from frost or cold snaps into the upper 20 degree F range.
Country of Origin Southeast Asia
Cold Tolerance 27
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Medium
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