Kerriodoxa elegans

Common Name Elephant Palm
Type of Plant Palm

The Elephant Palm is rigidly palmate with stunning silver hues on the underside of massive leaves. It is unique in that it will reach a height of only around 10'OA, with a diametric spanse to match. It's leaves are nearly circular and prefer a protected position. Another notable feature would be that this is a tillering palm, meaning that its root is heeled. Because of this, it visibly reaches above the soil's surface and curves back downward.

Requirements Prefers shade for maximum color contrast of deep green on the top of leaves and silver underneath. Prefers also, regular watering, good drainage and a humid environment. Reasonably salt tolerant but should be planted out of the way of heavy wind.
Country of Origin Thailand
Cold Tolerance 30 degrees+
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Little
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