Kentiopsis oliviformis

Kentiopsis oliviformis
Common Name Canala Palm
Type of Plant Palm

This palm is a solitary, feather-leafed crownshaft palm with deep green leaves. Overall height tends to reach 60 ft. with a 10-12 ft. spread. This palm's unique root system is called "tillering," meaning that the root curves upward and above soil before diving back down, ultimately resembling the shape of a saxophone bell. The top third of this exposed root should remain above the soil throughout its life! In habitat, Kentiopsis oliviformis is endangered due to agricultural land spread, and so should be treated with care as a landscape addition!

Requirements This palm grows well in acidic and alkaline, regularly moist soils. It has a medium growth rate and can tolerate short cold snaps to high 20s with moderate salt tolerance.
Country of Origin New Caledonia
Cold Tolerance 28
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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