Encephalartos kisambo

Common Name Voi Cycad
Type of Plant Cycad

Typically growing to a max height around 6 feet, this cycad is native to the slopes of cloud forests throughout Kenya and Tanzania. It is typically found at altitudes between 2000 and 5000ft above sea-level, and its habitat is currently threatened by deforestation due to industrial agriculture. For this reason it is considered a rare cycad and is popular among collectors, who may also appreciate its rigid, vertical leaves of dramatic, dark green leaflets.

Requirements E. kisambo is very slow growing, will tolerate full sun but actually prefers partial shade! In addition to rich soil, the kisambo likes consistent, light irrigation that mimics the dewy cliff faces of its natural habitat.
Country of Origin Kenya
Cold Tolerance 20
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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