Dypsis carlsmithii

Common Name Dypsis 'Stumpy'
Type of Plant Palm

As its nickname suggests, this palm is stout in size, reaching a maximum of 30-40' OA in an ideal habitat. Its bulging crownshaft, moderate size, slow growth rate and ornate trunk make it a wonderful ornamental. It is currently grown in two protected habitats- Masoala National Park and Analalava Reserve in Madagascar, as it is critically endangered in habitat. This palm is also tillering, meaning it has a saxophone style curved root that emerges above the surface of the soil, and should remain exposed for optimal health.

Requirements A well drained, consistently moist soil is ideal for the Stumpy palm. Native to Madagascar, it can withstand short snaps into the mid 20's and prefers partial shade or filtered sunlight as it matures.
Country of Origin Madagascar
Cold Tolerance 27
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Little
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