Cryosophila stauracantha

Common Name Rootspine Palm
Type of Plant Palm

This intimidating palm has an intelligent adaptation that keeps it safe from predators! Its thin trunk (4-6inches) is covered in a series of menacing looking spines protruding outward for protection. This spines are actually a system of modified roots, thus giving this species the nickname "Rootspine Palm". Growing only to 20 feet high, if that, it was originally identified as Acanthorrhiza aculeata before its own genus, Cryosophila was formally established as having 10 of its own species! All of these are understory palms that prefer humid, wet conditions and this one specially can be identified via bright, silver undersides of each palmate leaf.

Requirements As an understory palm, this species can handle partial shade and should be given a position with regularly moist and well drained soil.
Country of Origin Mexico, Honduras
Cold Tolerance 27
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Medium
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