Corypha utan

Corypha utan - Gebang Palm
Common Name Gebang Palm
Type of Plant Palm

In habitat, this palm can flourish on a massive scale- reaching upward of 100 feet with nearly a 30 feet span at its crown. While it may not get quite so large in cultivation, this palm still makes an impressive landscaping choice. Nearly all of its parts have a function for locals where this grows native, from its sap being fermented into wine and vinegar, to its fruits and terminal bud being regularly cooked and consumed. The fibers from immature leaves are used as cordage in textile production as well. Its dark green leave are palmate and its petioles are spined, leaving behind toothed leaf bases as it sheds old growth.

Requirements The Gebang prefers acidic to alkaline soils, has a slow to medium growth rate and can tolerate short cold snaps just below freezing.
Country of Origin India, Southeast Asia, Philippines, and Australia
Cold Tolerance 32
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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