Copernicia prunifera

Copernicia prunifera - Carnauba Wax Palm - Juvenile
Common Name Carnauba Wax Palm
Type of Plant Palm

This solitary, palmate palm is predominantly cultivated in Brazil, where it is used for an incredible many exports including thatching, baskets, wood for fencing and fuel, varnishes and industrial lubricants derived from its oil. Its seed is also brewed as an alternative to coffee! Its trunk averages 10 inches thick with a rugged leaf scars and severely spined petioles. It reaches an average height of 40 feet overall with a 10 foot spread.

Requirements C. prunifera grows best in well-drained, alkaline to slightly acidic soils. It has a moderate growth rate and can tolerate cold snaps into the mid 20s. It some salt tolerance and short-term flood tolerance.
Country of Origin Brazil
Cold Tolerance 28
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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