Copernicia fallaensis

Copernicia fallaensis - Falla Palm
Common Name Falla Palm
Type of Plant Palm

Threatened by extinction in habitat, this Copernicia is often compared to Copernicia Baileyana, with which it was formerly considered synonymous. Similarly striking with blue green, rigid leaves, this palm is also solitary, palmate and reaching nearly 60 feet overall in habitat. The most notable difference between the two species is C. Fallaense's diamond shaped leaves rather than circular, which are using for thatching and weaving by locals.

Requirements Copernicia fallaensis grows well in alkaline to neutral soils with a slow growth rate. It can tolerate short cold snaps into the high 20s, with some salt tolerance. This is likely due to the sandy composition of the soil in its natural habitat of Cuba.
Country of Origin Cuba
Cold Tolerance 28
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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