Codiaeum sp.

Common Name Croton
Type of Plant Other

The genus codiaeum generally encompasses the family of crotons, which vary wildly in color, shape and position. From dazzling combinations of green, yellow and shades of red on an oval leaf like 'Petra', to the elongated, speckled burgundies of 'Johanna Coppinger', this genus provides a pop of color to many landscapes. Most resemble shrubs in terms of size and position ornamentally, and rarely exceed 5 feet in height. Some species cluster and widen as they growth while others reach up with delicate, thin leaves. This versatile genus can complement any landscape aesthetic with its bright variation!

Requirements Known to defoliate in low temperatures, codiaeum should be given a protected position in climates that experience a dynamic range of temperatures. Preferring full sun, but tolerating partial shade, the leaves of members of this genus will begin to wilt if they are underwatered. A well drained soil and regular watering will prevent your crotons from experiencing root rot and allow it to thrive.
Country of Origin Indonesia, Malaysia
Sun Needs Full Sun
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