Coccothrinax miraguama

Coccothrinax miraguama - Miraguama Palm
Common Name Miraguama Palm
Type of Plant Palm

This species of Coccothrinax claims 4 sub-species of varying degree of fiber thickness and leaf stiffness. With a trunk only 5 inches thick on average, this slender and ornate species is a striking ornamental. Its palmate leaves have silver undersides, and are relatively rigid, giving them a "starburst" appearance that makes it arguably the most attractive member of its genus. It will reach up to 60 feet in habitat (Cuba) but has been recorded only up to 30 feet OA in cultivation.

Requirements C. miraguama grows best in neutral to alkaline soils, at a slow growth rate. It can tolerate short cold dips into high 20s and has good salt tolerance.
Country of Origin Cuba
Cold Tolerance 28
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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