Chambeyronia macrocarpa

Chambeyronia macrocarpa - Red Feather Palm
Common Name Red Feather Palm
Type of Plant Palm

Also referred to as the red feather palm or flamethrower, emergent leaves of this palm may appear deep red, purplish, scarlet or bronze until mature. It is a solitary, feather-leafed, crownshaft palm. Its trunk grows to 10 inches thick with an average overall height to 30 feet, and a spread of 12 feet.

Requirements Rich soil is ideal of this species, well drained in particular. Full sun may be appropriate only in regularly moist soil while partial shade may be better in climates with high temperatures. It belongs to Cold Hardiness Zones 10-11 and will need protection in temperatures that drop belong those typical of these regions.
Country of Origin New Caledonia
Cold Tolerance 30
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Medium
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