Carpoxylon macrospermum

Carpoxylon macrosperma - Carpoxylon Palm
Common Name Carpoxylon Palm
Type of Plant Palm

First discovered in the late 1800's on the island Vanuatu, formerly known as New Hebrides, it took nearly 100 years for the specimen to be rediscovered and positively identified as the only member of the Carpoxylon genus. It is solitary, pinnate and with a brilliant green crownshaft. Its trunk averages 12 inches thick with swollen base and attractive rings. In an optimal habitat, C. macrospermum will grow to a height of 30-40 feet with a 12 - 15 foot spread. Though typically cultivated for ornamental use, this palm's unripe fruits and roots have been used by locals for medicinal and nutritional purposes throughout history.

Requirements This palm has a medium growth rate and prefers a position in full sun once mature. Well drained soil is preferred, either alkaline or slightly acidic.
Country of Origin Vanuatu
Cold Tolerance 32
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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