Carpentaria acuminata

Type of Plant Palm

Solitary and pinnate, this palm originates in Australia where it grows in a vast array of soil compositions. From sandy, clay to loamy earth, this palm is versatile in setting and has been widely cultivated indoors as well. Height may reach maximums of 50 feet in habitat. This palm produces a high yield of fruit and is thus known to attract populations of local birds and bats- important to note if this palm is to be used on a densely populated site. It is the only member of its genus.

Requirements Will grow happily in clay, sand or loamy soils. Carpentaria thrives in full sun, grows very quickly and is self-cleaning. This palm is cold sensitive and needs a home in zones 10-12.
Country of Origin Australia
Cold Tolerance 32
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Medium
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