Bismarckia nobilis

Common Name Bismarck Palm
Type of Plant Palm

This incredibly popular palm is native to Madagascar but also grows in certain regions of the Mediterranean. The most common variety of Bismarck is gray/blue and rigidly palmate. It typically only gets as tall as 30' outside of habitat and has a very sensitive root ball- meaning extra care should be taken to protect it during transport/transplant. It prefers a position in full sun and to be kept in regularly moist soil. When young it can be particularly cold sensitive though this becomes less and less the case as it matures.

Requirements Young palms should not be exposed to temperatures below 30 degrees. Once established, however, it can withstand cold snaps in the vicinity of 22+. It thrives in full sun.
Country of Origin Madagascar
Cold Tolerance 30
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Medium
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