Bambusa vulgaris wamin

Common Name Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo
Type of Plant Other

Named for its bulging internodes, this species is the dwarf version of the well-known Bambusa ventricosa. Access to water and sunshine are the two growth factors that affect the degree of swell or the "Buddha Belly" protrusion that makes this plant memorable. Its striking green color and miniature size (in comparison other members of its genus) make this variety of bamboo easily container grown and versatile in a landscape. It is clumping and will ultimately only reach heights around 20' OA in cultivation.

Requirements Like many other bamboo that are cultivated in South Florida, this species prefers consistently moist, loamy soil. Preferring more sun to partial shade, be sure not to install this bamboo too deep into your landscape, as it will reach vertically to combat lack of sun, causing its internodes to swell less.
Country of Origin China
Cold Tolerance 27
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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