Bambusa chungii

Common Name Blue Bamboo
Type of Plant Other

This fast growing and attractive variety of bamboo will reach full height in an average of 5 years. Reaching 25-30' in an optimal habitat, it is known to grow well in containers or directly in the landscape. B. chungii makes an effective, attractive privacy plant and is adaptable to many soil compositions though it prefers loamy soil. Luckily for most gardens, this bamboo is sympodial, meaning it is a clumping variety but remains non-invasive.

Requirements Growing in partial shade to full sun, B. chungii needs an average amount of water and is minimally flood tolerant. It has been cultivated in zones 9a-11 and requires temperatures over 25 degrees F to ensure optimal health!
Country of Origin China, Vietnam
Cold Tolerance 25
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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