Arenga engleri

Common Name Dwarf Sugar Palm
Type of Plant Palm

These sweetly fragrant palms are native to thick, forested, island habitats in the region south of Japan. These understory palms are cold hardy and grow to a maximum height of 10 feet in optimal conditions. A. engleri is monocarpic but also clustering, and surprisingly thrives in clay soils with considerable acidity such as in regions of Texas.

Requirements This palm is minimally salt tolerant and prefers regularly moist conditions in a well-drained and rich soil. Slightly acidic soils are easily tolerated as well. When planted with protection from wind, this palm can survive cold snaps as low as 15 degrees. It prefers shade until maturity, at which point it can withstand full sun.
Country of Origin Taiwan
Cold Tolerance 20
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Medium
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