Ananas comosus

Common Name Pineapple Tree
Type of Plant Tree

A member of the bromeliad family, A. Comosus is the third most cultivated fruit in the world! Almost 30 billion tons of pineapple are produced globally, annually. Its leaves may be sharp, so thoughtful placement of this plant in a landscape is vital, especially considering its monocarpic nature. With the parent plant producing a single fruit annually, it will continue to fruit via suckers or "ratoons" which emerge from its base or below the fruiting body and can be propagated.

Requirements Preferring full sun, this plant grows with a shallow root system with a depth above a foot. Because of this, well drained soil is essential and ideally with a sandy, acidic composition. A. comosus is also known to have a high nitrogen requirement and may need fertilizer at regular intervals for optimal growth. It is drought tolerant but will thrive with consistent irrigation.
Country of Origin Hawaii, West Africa, Paraguay, Brazil
Cold Tolerance 29
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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