Alpinia zerumbet

Alpinia zerumbet
Common Name Green Shell Ginger
Type of Plant Tree

Zerumbet is a word that is ancient Arabic in origin and is used to describe a member of the ginger family having a "spicy stem" that used aromatically, medicinally or in cooking. This particular ginger is tightly clumping and is happy in the ground or potted with moist soil and good drainage. It can reach nearly double the height of its variegated relative, at 8-10' overall. It may produce drooping flowers in the spring following a mild winter.

Requirements Happiest in partial shade, prefers a moist environment, cold tolerant, drought tolerant once roots have been well established and can live in a range of soil compositions
Country of Origin Asia
Cold Tolerance 25 degrees
Sun Needs Light Shade
Water Needs Little
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