Alcantarea odorata

Common Name Fragrant Bromeliad
Type of Plant Other

The genus Alcantarea was named for Brazil's second Emperor, Dom Pedro d'Alcantara and includes both the Odorata and the ever-popular Imperialis. The former is named for its sweet scent, that comes from yellow flowers during the summer. Year round, it boasts pale blue to silver-colored leaves that are spineless and thin. A. Odorata can be an eye-catching addition in many gardens, as it is salt wind tolerant and adaptable to a variety of soil compositions. It thrives in zones 10A-11.

Requirements Full sun to partial shade are acceptable to this Bromeliad. It is drought and salt wind tolerant, beneficial to pollinators in its ecosystem and blooms perennially.
Country of Origin Brazil
Cold Tolerance 25
Sun Needs Full Sun
Water Needs Little
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