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D'Asign Source Botanicals - Plant ID Tags
Plant ID Tags
The D'Asign Source Plant ID Tag is sure to have you spending more time outside enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. These attractive ID tags can be customized to show your plants country of origin, scientific name, common name, planting date and anything else you desire.
Most plant signs available today are made of plastic or metal, and then mounted on plastic or metal stakes. The signs fall off, break from confrontations with falling objects and weed eaters, or become bent in odd ways over time. The D'Asign Source Plant ID Tag is made to order cast stone that will last and last and last...

Our rugged Plant ID Signs may look like stone, but are actually cast from molded concrete to simulate rock. There are three different molds, so when placed in the landscape they will look like completely random stones. They are virtually indestructible and anchored into the soil by a 5 inch galvanized steel rod.

The rocks are made to fit a 2 inch tall by 4 inch wide plastic insert with 3 lines of wording such as botanical name, common name, and country of origin. These heavy duty inserts are 1/8 thick and UV resistant. The colors available are:
  • black textured surface with white letters
  • white textured surface with black letters
  • forest green glossy surface with white letters
  • apple green matte surface with white letters

  • These unobtrusive signs will weather in a way that will complement your landscape rather than be an obvious garish display.

    Cost is only $24 each with discounts applied on orders of 10 or more. Shipping is extra.

    For more information: email us, or call us at 561-333-6889.
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