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Our team has 50 years of experience and enthusiasm for the wonderful world of coastal plants and landscapes. From drought to hurricane, our team and our plants have seen it all and been able to thrive. This experience is evident in everything we do and in every plant we grow.

Paul Craft moved to Florida in 1974 to get away from the cold dreary winters in Cleveland, Ohio. With little work available in chemistry, Paul found himself becoming self employed, starting a retail nursery and landscaping business. Those eventually grew along with a landscape design enterprise in Palm Beach County. Eventually, palms and cycads became the main focus of the nursery but in 1999, Paul sold off the nursery to devote more time to writing and traveling in search of more information about palms. To pay for his addiction, Paul became a horticultural consultant and before long became the head horticulturist for D’Asign Source.

In his spare time, Paul still seems to end up playing with plants and palms in particular. He is the current president of the International Palm Society, has co-authored a book titled An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms, and is currently working on two other palm books.

Franco D'Ascanio got his passion for palms from his father at an early age. Born and raised in the Florida Keys, his knowledge of the plants that thrive in the area blossomed. He opened his first nursery in 1993 on a quarter-acre parcel of land. This business grew faster than a coconut palm! Today, D'Asign Source Botanicals features more than 20,000 plants on 20 acres. D'Asign Source Botanicals is a significant supplier to the landscape division of D'Asign Source, a turn key design/build firm.

As President of D'Asign Source, Franco manages the Outdoor Environment and Audio Visual departments. D'Asign Source has won several prestigious awards for their landscape design and architecture.

Elizabeth Sperry initially received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Ohio State University. But she always seemed to find herself in the garden. Elizabeth worked for nurseries in Ohio while attending school. She then pursued her love for plants in Chicago at the College of Lake County. Time in Chicago caused Elizabeth to quickly realize that the cold, gray weather was not for her. She moved to Florida to finish her associate's degree in horticulture and follow through with a career in the industry.

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