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D'Asign Source Botanicals got its start in1993 as Paradise Potted Plants. Paradise Potted Plants came about as a D'Ascanio family project, collecting coconuts; planting them and watching them grow. Soon, there were so many coconut palms that no one knew what to do with them... a nursery was born!

The nursery was renamed Palmerino Palms in honor of family patriarch, Palmerino D'Ascanio, who passed away in 1995. The nursery continued to grow, Palmerino Palms.had 1/4 acre of land dedicated to growing 1,000 plants. In 1998 the successful family nursery became a major supplier of quality rare palms in the Keys. Plants were in high demand.

To keep up, the nursery moved to a new one acre parcel where more than 2,000 plants were grown. This blossoming business became D'Asign Scapes. D'Asign Scapes is where the business first took on landscape design and installation.

2002 brought yet another expansion to the business. A second generation of D'Ascanios came together under one roof to open a world class design/build firm, D'Asign Source. With the landscape architecture division taking off faster than a coconut palm, the business realized the need to increase growing again. D'Asign Source expanded growing operations to 5 acres which allowed for 5,000 rare and exotic plants to be grown.

Today, D'Asign Source Botanicals covers 20 acres in Loxahatchee, Florida and grows 30,000 species of rare and exotic palms, cycads and other tropicals. Many of the species grown at D'Asign Source Botanicals are quite rare and unusual. We are proud to offer specimens that would be difficult to find anywhere in the world.

We look forward to serving your landscape needs!

Time line

This history below is a document that Franco Jr wrote when he was 12 years old:

My name is Franco Jr, and I am 12 years old. About 5 years ago, my brother, my dad, my grandpa and I started to plant coconut palms together. We used the coconuts to landscape our new house. The coconuts grew well, and we all had fun planting them.

My grandpa grew up in Italy. He taught us his love for planting trees and taking care of them. My grandpa would go up and down the street collecting coconuts for us to plant after school. Soon we had too many coconut palms for our new house. In 1993 we decided to start a business and named it Paradise Potted Plants. My father then decided to learn more about palms by reading all of the books he could get his hands on. Then we started to visit other nurseries everywhere we went, even on vacations. We needed to learn everything we could about palms and buying seedlings.

On December 25, 1995, (Christmas day) my grandpa passed away suddenly. We then decided to change the name of our business to Palmerino Palms in his memory. My grandpa's name was Palmerino. He was born on Palm Sunday. Grandpa was such a great influence on our lives, that we feel we must do a great job with the business named after him so that he is proud of us forever.

Now that my cousins are involved, the goal of Palmerino Palms is to grow a wide variety of quality exotic and native palms, and sell them at fair prices so that we can pay for our college education for all seven of grandpa's grandchildren. Our ages are from 12 to 4 years old.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our palm sales. Every time one of our palms gets planted we think of grandpa in heaven, because we are doing a good deed on Earth.

Thank you for your business.

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